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  • μ-Slide y-shaped




    Introduction:A flow through μ-Slide for bifurcation studies and blood vessel simulation

    *Rolling and adhesion of leukocytes on endothelial cells cultured under flow

    *Simulation of the bifurcation of blood vessels for arteriosclerosis research

    *Cell-cell interaction studies and cell-drug interaction screenings under flow conditions


    Outer dimensions (w x l)

    25.5 x 75.5 mm2


    Female Luer

    Volume per reservoir

    60 μl

    Volume of the channel

    110 μl

    Height of the channel

    0.4 mm

    Width of the channel

    3 mm

    Branching angles

    30° and 45°

    Growth area

    2.8 cm2

    Coating area using 110 μl

    5.6 cm2

    Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

    Select the ideal Perfusion Set for your flow application here.

    Technical Features

    30° and 45° angles to simulate the bifurcation of blood vessels

    Easy connection to tubes and pumps

    Fully compatible with high resolution microscopy and immunofluorescence staining

    Defined shear stress and shear rate levels

    The flow is always laminar, i.e., turbulent flows* are not possible

    * For simulation of turbulences we recommend oscillating the flow using the ibidi Pump System.

    Non-Uniform, Laminar Shear Stress

    Use Application Note 18 to calculate the shear stress in a μ-Slide y-shaped.

    Two Flow Directions Possible

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