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    Custom-Specific Flow Slides and Channels



    Specifications :box

    Introduction:μ-Slides with custom-specific channel geometry and height Develop your own geometry. If you are interested in a custom-specific solution please contact us directly.


    Create channels with your own particular characteristics

    Use as a microfluidic workbench

    Cell culture flow applications

    Technical Features:

    Format and material based on μ-Slides

    Additional materials possible, like glass coverslips, silicone designs, permeable membranes, or electrodes

    Channel height and widths available in different dimensions

    2 x 3 Luer adapters in fixed positions

    Several Possible Variations

    Developed Format

    μ-Slide III 3in1


    AdaptersFemale Luer
    Volume per reservoir60 μl
    Height of channels0.05 - 0.6 mm
    Width of channels0.1 - 10 mm

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