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    Integrated ultrasonic cell crusher


    Brand:Xiaomei Ultrasound

    Specifications :Taiwan


    main application:

    1. Drug extraction, cell, bacteria, and virus tissues are broken. Such as the extraction of cell contents.

    2. Dispersion, homogenization and emulsification of material particles. Such as the dispersion of nanomaterials.

    3. Speed up the dissolution and speed up the chemical reaction. If used for chemical synthesis, this ultrasonic equipment is equipped with a soundproof box bracket, a special soundproof box, and a low temperature system.

    4. Ultrasonic crushing is an application of sonochemical equipment, which can be used for plant extraction, water treatment, solid-liquid dispersion, de-agglomeration of particles in liquid, and promotion of solid-liquid reaction, etc., so that aggregates with larger diameters can be dispersed into Smaller particles. Stabilization refers to ensuring that the powder particles maintain a long-term uniform dispersion in the liquid, etc.

    5. Main features:

    1. The overall equipment control screen and soundproof box are integrated design. The main parts of the box body are molded with ABS to create a streamlined appearance. The ergonomic operation interface is friendly. The man-machine interface is friendly and does not occupy much laboratory space.

    2. The inner tank of the box is made of 304 stainless steel inner tank with built-in interlayer sound-proof cotton, which reduces noise and is more convenient for cleaning and prevents bacterial generation.

    3. A new generation of energy-saving digital ultrasonic circuit, automatic tracking frequency and automatic resonance point and power control, no need to manually adjust the energy frequently.

    4. The equipment has the function of automatic identification of ultrasonic horns. There is no need to manually adjust the replacement of titanium alloy horns of different sizes. The instrument has the function of automatic identification;

    5. Two ultrasound modes are available: continuous ultrasound mode can be selected; intermittent ultrasound mode can be selected, suitable for different experimental needs

    6. The ultrasonic frequency converter adopts the lead zirconate titanate crystal piezoelectric frequency converter, which is sealed to isolate water vapor and corrosive gas.

    7. The unique automatic amplitude and pulse compensation function keeps the frequency stable to ensure that the probe amplitude does not change due to load changes during the ultrasound process

    8. The ultrasonic probe is made of American standard TC4 high-strength titanium alloy. It can work intermittently or run without load. The probe is not easy to wear and cavitation when used for a long time (on-site verification is required, and the probe will not be damaged by continuous ultrasound for 30 minutes)

    technical parameter:

    Main parameters

    Parameter range

    Ultrasonic frequency:

    automatic frequency tracking,adaptive

    Ultrasonic nominal power:

    650W, adjustable power: 0-100%, step 10%, can also be refined to 1% step

    Processing capacity:

    different horns are required

    Adjustable total time:

    0.1s-99.9s adjustable pulse interval time:

    Touch screen operation:

    7-inch medical-grade resistive touch screen touch operation, time, temperature, power, continuous mode and gap mode display, simple and convenient operation; real-time display of working parameters on the screen, countdown display of running status; micro-processing controller with password protection function, free Edit the program and automatically memorize the set program; the smart chip can automatically recognize the function of different sizes of horns; the instrument has the alarm function of over current, over voltage, and over temperature.

    Temperature Sensor:

    Use PT100 temperature sensor to control sample temperature (0-200 ℃)


    The ibidi ceramic chip can work for a long time and is not easy to generate heat. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and stable performance. It is convenient to work in handheld mode.

    Soundproof box:

    It is composed of two parts, shell size: 330.300.500mm, inner tank size: 290×235×320mm, made of 304 stainless steel, one-piece argon welding molding, low noise, easy to clean, and it has lighting function, ultraviolet and ozone sterilization. Function and automatic lifting platform, soundproof box can be upgraded to low temperature circulation function


    Multiple options(1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm 等etc.

    Output Power:

    65-650W 10-100% adjustable) Note; can be set to step 1%

    temperature control:

    Control the sample temperature (0-100℃, optional constant temperature device)

    working frequency:

    20-35KHz frequency automatic tracking

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