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    Ultra-micro ultrasonic cell crusher


    Brand:Xiaomei Ultrasound

    Specifications :Taiwan


    product description:

    A new generation of ultra-micro ultrasonic cell crusher: the best in its class.

    Xiaomei Ultrasonic Ultra-micro Ultrasonic Crusher not only has excellent ultrasonic technology, but also is superior in cell wall breaking, mixing, emulsification, dissolution and dispersion.

    The pioneering design of the ultrasonic probe with a diameter of 1 mm and the fineness can effectively process the smallest 20UL samples, revolutionizing the cognition of traditional ultrasonic crushers. We are more handy when dealing with small samples; the volume of the ultrasonic transducer is larger than the previous one. The transducer is more compact and exquisite, with an overall weight of only 230g. It can be operated on a stand or held by hand. The entire operation process is simple and convenient.

    The instrument adopts 7-inch TFT touch screen for touch operation, reasonable layout of time, power and frequency, and clear display; adopts digital energy-saving circuit, which can automatically chase and sweep the frequency, without any adjustment when replacing the horn; advanced circuit The design makes our crusher capable of continuous ultrasound, no-load ultrasound, and gap ultrasound, and the end of the ultrasound probe is not easy to cavitation and remove slag.

    Its excellence lies in its strong quality control, improvement of production technology and continuous technological innovation-Xiaomei Ultrasound, born for quality!

    main application:

    1. Extraction of drugs, broken cells, bacteria and virus tissues. Such as the extraction of cell contents.

    2. Dispersion, homogenization and emulsification of material particles. Such as the dispersion of nanomaterials.

    3. Speed up the dissolution and speed up the chemical reaction. If used for chemical synthesis, this ultrasonic equipment is equipped with a soundproof box bracket, a special soundproof box, and a low temperature system.

    4. Ultrasonic crushing is an application of sonochemical equipment, which can be used for plant extraction, water treatment, solid-liquid dispersion, de-agglomeration of particles in liquid, and promotion of solid-liquid reaction, etc., so that aggregates with larger diameters can be dispersed into Smaller particles. Stabilization refers to ensuring that the powder particles maintain a long-term uniform dispersion in the liquid.

    Product parameters:

    The main parameters

    Parameter range



    Control method

    7-inch HD large touch screen control

    Processing capacity

    0.05-400ml(Need different horns)

    Working frequency(KHz)


    Ultrasonic power(W


    Adjustable power(%


    Soundproof box size(mm


    Setting temperature range(℃)

    Normal temperature (optional for low temperature)

    Time control(S


    Transducer size(mm

    diameter 40mm

    Probe size(mm)

    Standard 2mm, other optional

    Standard configuration


    Lower speakers:

    Stainless steel lifting table:

    Operation Manual:

    Special tool kit:






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