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  • Multifunctional homogenizer


    Brand:Shanghai Jingxin

    Specifications :Taiwan

    Introduction:The sample can be completely homogenized, reducing the number of analyses necessary for each sample

    Product Description:

    The JXHG-32 homogenizer can produce homogeneous samples in one step, and the samples that can be homogenized are diversified. It also provides representative samples for the analysis and testing of non-homogeneous primary raw materials, and optimizes sample preparation. The device has excellent design and sturdy structure, which can effectively and reliably meet the daily work requirements of the laboratory.

    Advantages of multifunctional homogenizer:

    * The sample can be completely homogenized, reducing the number of analyses necessary for each sample.

    *In the program editing interface, the crushing speed and time can be directly set, and the gradient speed can be set in two stages.

    *The vision is clear, the control is precise, and the use effect is guaranteed. The program can be set directly on the host through the built-in LCD panel, without additional computer control.

    *Completion of coarse crushing and fine crushing in one machine: it supports intermittent crushing, increasing speed crushing, and continuous crushing.

    Performance parameters:

    Main parameters

    Parameter range

    Blade speed

    0-16000 rmp

    The maximum feed size

    adjusted according to the inner diameter of the beaker

    Final output particle size


    Sample volume cup






    Noise level






    With memory storage function, 99 operating procedures can be set and saved on the machine for recall at any time.

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