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    2022/6/22 14:38:33
    Shanghai Jingxin | Overcome the difficulties together
    Source:Shanghai Jingxin

    In March 2022,, the new year has just begun. It was originally a time worth looking forward to. A sudden epidemic has left unforgettable memories for the whole people living and working in Shanghai.

    Since mid-March 2022, the situation of the new crown epidemic in Shanghai has become increasingly severe, and many employees of the company need to undergo home isolation due to epidemic control. During the quarantine period, people can’t go out casually, buying and eating food for company employees became a problem. In the face of the severe epidemic situation, all departments of Jingxin Company took the initiative to act; on March 30, 2022, the leaders of the Shanghai headquarters and colleagues carried out a "Overcome difficulties together " action. Under the premise of Shanghai's epidemic prevention requirements, effective prevention and control measures were taken to purchase daily necessities such as rice, oil, vegetables, eggs and other daily necessities for employees in the quarantine area, and made a special trip to the door of each colleague's community to relieve the pressure caused by the shortage of living materials. The warm-hearted service allows employees who are isolated at home to feel the care and concern of the company, so that they can relieve some anxiety and pass the isolation period smoothly.





    The epidemic is cruel and isolation is tormenting, but life is still beautiful, and there is love in the world. At the moment when the epidemic is intensifying, the warm poem will come late, but it will never be absent. Thanks to every colleague who silently contributed to the service of "delivery food to your door", let the big family of Shanghai Jingxin work together to tide over the difficult stage.

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